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Athlete Minds Matter provides a space for you, as the member, to journal about your mental health journey.


If at any point in time you feel as though you want to harm yourself or others, or you are feeling overwhelmed to the point of having negative thoughts of harming yourself or others, please immediately reach out to your local crisis center, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255, or text the Crisis Text Line: text Hello to 741741. 


By using the journal and entering in journal posts on Athlete Minds Matter, you agree to and acknowledge the following terms of consent for use of the journal. When you sign up for the site, your agreement of understanding the Consent for Use of the Journal and your signature indicates that you have read the below information and are in agreement and understanding of the following:

  • Athlete Minds Matter is warranted to report if:

    • in good faith, believes that an emergency involving danger of death or serious physical injury to any person requires disclosure without delay of communications relating to the emergency.

  • Your journals are private to you and will not be read by Athlete Minds Matter, unless and only if the scanning system alerts us that your journal post may pose reasonable concern that you will harm yourself or someone else. A journal entry will be suspected of harm to self or someone else if a journal entry contains one of many pre-defined "buzz" words. The buzz words will alert the Athlete Minds Matter team. In those situations, your post will be reviewed by the Athlete Minds Matter Executive Director only, and if warranted, will be reported to either a local emergency team or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline for their follow up of your safety. Please refer to the Privacy Policy for more information on your privacy using Athlete Minds Matter.

  • If a journal entry alerts the system due to concern of harm to yourself or others, Athlete Minds Matter will put the following measures into place:

    • Review the journal entry and determine if follow up is warranted.

      • ​In some cases, follow up will not be warranted, as some buzz words are absolutist words that when used in every day language, are not harmful, but can be harmful when combined with other words or phrases.

    • Contact your local ​Emergency Services Team, or the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline/Crisis Text line to conduct a wellness check and risk assessment for your safety.

    • Neither your journal entry or information that Emergency Services was called will be shared with a coach and/or school, for your privacy. You can share directly with a coach if you'd like, but the Athlete Minds Matter team will not share this information.

Information Needed From You:

  • We are asking for some information to keep you safe! Your personal contact information will never be shared, unless needed for Emergency Services. Your personal contact information will otherwise be kept private. 

  • Your full address of where you are currently living, upon time of signing up. This will allow the team to accurately identify what local Emergency Services team needs to be contacted.

  • Your phone number in the case that your address is not up to date and Emergency Services needs to contact you.

  • Your signature, if at least 18 years of age. If you are not 18 years of age, a parent/guardian signature is required.

By signing up for Athlete Minds Matter, you give your consent to have your journal entries read by an Athlete Minds Matter team member, if and only if the system alerts of suspected of harm to self or others. By signing up for Athlete Minds Matter, you give your consent to provide your contact information (address and phone number), so the team can contact the appropriate Emergency Services. Without this information, you will be unable to use this site. Athlete Minds Matter will conduct periodic outreach to make sure your contact information is up to date, for the sole purposes of remaining in compliance with this policy.


After reviewing this document and and agreeing to this Consent for Journal Use, the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use Policy, you can now sign up for Athlete Minds Matter!


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